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Botanic Walk at Willi Willi National Park

I cannot speak highly enough of this bite-sized 300m loop track packed with an impressive collection of towering ancient, green, rainforest species that fill the canopy leaving you to wander in filtered light and breathe in the very essence of serenity. Delicate ferns carpet the forest floor. Palm-like trees and Soft Tree ferns (Dicksonia Antarctica) congregate in all directions catching light that slips through the leafy ceiling. Creeping vines climb every tall tree, many of which also support multiple Staghorn and Birds Nest ferns. At moments like these I envy the chameleon's ability to move it’s eyes in all directions while still because every inch of the forest is magnificent in the extreme. Green is my favourite colour and there is plenty of it. What makes this walk so special is its relative uniqueness to the region. NSW is dominated by dry sclerophyll bushland. In contrast the Botanic Walk track is a pocket of rare and tranquil temperate rainforest, protected by the valley. The track lies in comfortable proximity to a freshwater stream largely uncontaminated by human activity, as evident by the baby fish hiding under the bridge. The geographical position of this part of Willi Willi National Park must be key to its existence because it seemed to be immune to the threat of fire which was spreading over the rest of the park and neighbouring State Forest without bias. The only hint of the fire was a faint smell of smoke in the open air.

Some of the more impressive examples of tree species close to the track display individual plaques listing their scientific name, which no-one can pronounce, nonetheless identifying them as very special. You could probably walk this tiny track every day and always see something new. I highly recommend it to everyone, because anyone could walk this beautiful little piece of earth and come away better for it.

Note: there are no bins or toilet facilities. Please take your rubbish out with you and leave the NP as you found it. Wheelchairs may have difficulty due to parts of the track being narrow and the occasional low-lying root traversing the path.


Walking Grade: 1/10

Wow factor: 10/10

Distance: 300m

Time: 10 - 20 minutes

GPS tracking: here