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Continental Grand Prix Folding Tyre Review

Well it’s a tyre review, not many of us get excited about buying new tyres. If you are reading this then you really care about cycling and you are a bicycle nerd. The Grand Prix is handmade in Germany by Continental, it is not as well known as the more popular Grand Prix 4000s II. Both the Grand Prix and Grand Prix 4000s II share the same “Black Chili” rubber compound, the secret ingredient that Continental came up with to offer superior grip durability over other tyre makers.


Why did I choose the Grand Prix over the Grand Prix 4000s II?

First, the Grand Prix is cheaper than the 4000s II, second, it offers more puncture protection. This all sounds good but what is the trade off? Continental claims that the Grand Prix 4000s II offer a lower rolling resistance than the cheaper Grand Prix, the Grand Prix 4000s II also weighs 5 grams less.


Is it easy to install?

In this review I purchased the folding bead version of the 25mm Grand Prix. The tyre came in a very nice looking box and a sizable instruction manual that I didn’t bother looking at. Like most foldable tyres, trying to install it soon after you unpack it is going to be hard, the bead is still creased from the fold and the tyre has yet to find its natural round form. A tip here is to have one side of the tyre mounted to your rim and leave that for a few hours or overnight if you have the time, this will make installation much easier.

After the tyre is installed I inflate it to the recommended air pressure, the 25mm measured to be 23.9mm. I don’t know how this happened? Size error from a Gaman made, not possible. I inflate and do the measurements again but my caliper is just not showing me that 25mm I am looking for. I can’t say that this is a good or a bad thing, to me this is fine. I have used many tyres they all don’t really measure up to the advertised size.


How is the grip?

I have been using the Grand Prix on my front wheel in all weather conditions. My first ride was a wet ride, the tyre offered very good grip on the corners. The “Black Chili” compound lives up to its reputation for excellent grip.


How tough is it?

I have been using this tyre for commuting and training for the past few weeks, so far I have done about 300Km on it and it still has the little new tyre fur on and not a single puncture to date.

Will it make me go faster?

Yes, yes, this will give you the Armstrong advantage… I can’t comment on the rolling resistance but so far the tyre feels nice when riding out of saddle, I don’t notice much deformation when pushing hard on the handlebars.


To me the Grand Prix is an all rounder at an affordable price. I would recommend this tyre for sport and commuting rides but for pure speed races I would still choose the Grand Prix 4000s II.