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Met Rivale Helmet Review

I was in the market for a new helmet to replace my cheap, old one with ripped padding. The current trend of helmets are all leaning towards aerodynamic advantages, every manufacturer offers an “Aero Lid”.  The new helmets that I had shortlisted all contained some form of the newly advertised aerodynamic advantages. Many helmets made the list but the Met Rivale tops my choice. Met Rivale is one of the top end helmets by Met, the Italian helmet expert.

Why Met Rivale?

The requirements for my new helmets are, 1st, Function this includes fit, aerodynamic, how the straps work, adjustability and the buckle. 2nd, Form, this includes looks, colours and how it makes me feel when the helmet is on my head. Then final 3rd is the price.


Met Rivale ticks all my requirement boxes, it offers some wind cheating benefits (aerodynamic feature) but not a whole lot as this helmet comes with a lot of front inlet ventilation, Met calls this “Open Aero Helmet”. The full blown aero road helmet from Met would be the Manta, with so little air inlet, I didn’t want it as it could be too hot to use in Australia. I don’t want to have my head baked by the end of my ride. Met claims that this Rivale will save me 3 Watts! at speed of 50Km/h, not that many cyclist can hold such speed but nevertheless, the offer is there.

At only 230g for size M, the one that I purchased, this helmet is light. My first impression of it out of the box was “wow this is light”. When it sits on my head I don’t noticed the weight at all. Met claims that this is the lightest aero helmet on the market.


My other requirement for a helmet is the strap that sits beside my ears. Some helmets offer a system with sliding, this I don’t like as the straps always move around and every time you use it you need to make adjustments. Met Rivale offer adjustability but you can lock it in place once you have made the adjustment to fit around your ears.


Finally the Price, this helmet cost me $140 from with a $20 discount code.

Long Term use

I have been using this helmet for the past 7 months, the helmet fit is very comfortable and it is light so you don’t even feel like it's there. I have used this helmet in hot weather, the front vents are large enough to allow ample amounts of air in, the internal grooves channel air from front to rear vents, exhausting hot air out the back. This perfectly designed airflow prevents my head from overheating.

The Met Rivale proves to be durable and well made, I have washed the Coolmax anti-allergenic pads and straps many times and so far it is still in almost new condition.


Here are a few things that this helmet can do better. First, if you are using this helmet with sunglasses that have long arms, this will hit the back of the helmet. If you have your helmet is loose during a ride and your helmet tilts down, your glasses will tilt up. This can be fixed by securing your helmet snug to your head.

Second, the rear straps can get caught in the helmet fit adjuster, not a deal breaker but this can push the rear straps closer to your ears.