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PRO Falcon Carbon Saddle Review

The brand PRO may be very confusing or some who have never heard of it. PRO is a brand of bike components produced by Shimano. When I say confusing, try searching “PRO saddle”, “PRO handlebar tape” you will just get random results displaying images or articles about professional cyclists, not the products you are looking for at all. So, poor choice of brand name by Shimano.


With all that out of the way, in this review, I have been using the PRO Falcon Carbon Saddle for over two months now. I have been riding in dry, wet, big storms, all conditions and all sorts of distances.


This particular Falcon Saddle has a cut-out in it, the manufacturer claims it reduces pressure on your private area. I am someone who can sit on most kinds of saddles as long as it is not too wide or too soft. Why did I choose the one with a hole in it? Simple answer is, it was 50% off, and I like a bargain. Some Say that if you are comfortable on a flat saddle and if you were to use one with a hole the edges of the cut-out can become uncomfortable, I took the gamble and it turns out to be very comfortable.

Build Quality

PRO components are built and owned by Shimano so the quality out of this Japanese maker is the benchmark for other companies. I have tested this saddle for over two months and it still looks and feels like new, no squeaks, clicks or wobbles whatsoever.


The foam padding is soft but not spongy, it is just the right thickness to provide a bit of plush when you are going over rough surfaces. The base of this saddle appears to be made out of fiberglass with reinforced carbon, it does flex but not too much. The saddle rail for the model that I am reviewing is made out of carbon fiber.


I can’t fault anything for the build quality of this saddle.


What I like

This saddle is very light at only 160g for carbon rail version and 142 cm width. I have said this earlier, this saddle is sturdy and very good built quality that should last a long time. The top surface has enough grip to keep you in place.

Turns out I like the cut out, this hole somehow feels comfortable, I can get in a very aggressive position with this saddle (for non cyclist, this means head low, butt high). I have tested this saddle with just lycra shorts without any chamois/padding and it is still comfortable, interestingly my plums agree with this cut out shape.


What I don’t like

The carbon rail. This particular carbon rail is not round and will not fit on every saddle clamp. I happen to own a seatpost with saddle clamp which only works with round saddle rails. To fit this saddle I had to get a different seatpost, so be aware and check your saddle clamp before buying a carbon rail.

Do I recommend this product?

Yes, I give it both my thumbs up for comfort, quality and price (at 50% off)