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Waterfall walk at Willi Willi National Park

Continuing on from the Botanic Walk, the Waterfall track offers more breath-taking beauty that nourishes the work-worn soul. Initially, about 3 km return track is well maintained, if only to keep walkers off precious, tiny plants and keep one from venturing too far, but it quickly disintegrates into a typical bush track weaving in among the plant life.

It’s a slightly longer walk, the NP website suggests four hours, but if you can walk up a flight of stairs without huffing and puffing it can easily be walked in an hour including lots of time to admire the surroundings and take dozens of photos that will never do justice to the experience. Do take the photos though, the Champ took the incredible photos you see here.

Waterfall track concludes at a rather disappointing little trickle of water over about 2m of dark rock. But don’t be put off, the walk is worth it, waterfall or not. Invisible birds have conversations overhead and the distant, gentle sounds of flowing water follows you all the way.

Parts of the track were destroyed by fallen trees. Agile climbing skills and cyclist leg muscles came the the rescue, although if you’re small enough and not afraid of dirt, you could crawl under the huge trunks. And if you’re visiting in summer, the chilled water might be a nice way to relax afterwards. It’s just deep enough to have a dip near the road bridge or if you’re accompanying little people there are plenty of shallow parts to splash in.


Walking Grade: 5/10

Wow factor: 10/10

Distance: 3 Km return

Time: 40 - 50 minutes


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