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Wiggle COSINE TI Endurance Road Saddle Review

The Cosine Ti Endurance Read Saddle is Wiggle’s in house brand offered to cyclist at an attractive price. At just under A$50 it is very attractive when many reviews claim it is comparable to other saddles from the Italian makes of $100 and over.


My current road saddle is a Selle Italia SL Team Edition, about 130mm wide and very minimal padding. I am someone who can get comfortable on most saddles as long as it is not too wide and too spongy.


The Cosine Ti Endurance claimed weight is 226g but actually turns out to be 254g on my scales. The saddle measures 145mm wide and 227mm long with “a shallow convex profile and a cut-out base for comfort on high mileage rides.” according to Wiggle.

What I like

The saddle proves to be comfortable. I was a little sceptical about the “convex profile” of the saddle as I have been riding a flat saddle. To get very comfortable on this saddle you will have to set it up at just the right angle and find the perfect fore and aft location for your butt. I find it to offer one perfect location and if you slide forward or backwards you will start to notice that you are sitting out of the sweat spot.

In aggressive and low position the saddle continues to provide good support and comfort. My saddle to bar drop is 120mm so when I get in the drop my knee is almost striking my chest.


What I don’t like

Wiggle lied, what’s with the extra 28g over the claimed weight, no, this isn’t the real concern. The most concerning factor is the build quality. On the first ride, I discovered a rattling noise coming from the saddle which turned out to be a small amount of play in the saddle rail junction to the saddle base. These small movements between the rail and the saddle base is just at the rear left side of the saddle so when you are springing out of saddle you can hear the saddle rattling about, a little to hard to explain in words but you can check out the video below.


I don’t know how it will turn out after a long period of use, I can only say that it would certainly get worst.


One more annoying thing is the top design, the nose of the saddle has a gloss black finish over the right edge of the nose of the saddle which is a little more grippy than the left side, my thigh constantly strikes this zone and over a ride this is a annoying. The white strip is not very good looking but this is a personal preference.


Do I recommend this saddle? Yes and no, if you get a good one then perfect, it's cheap and it's comfortable but i am not too sure about the build quality. At the time of this review, this saddle is being returned to Wiggle for quality inspection, I am looking forward to my refund.