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How to Replace Disc Brake Rotors

In this how to we will be looking at how to replace your disc brake rotor. After a long period of use, your rotor will be worn. A way to check is to use a caliper and take a measurement of the rotor where the brake pads make contact with the rotor then take another measurement at the section next to the brake pad contact surface, if the width of your first measurements is less than the second then it's time to replace your rotor.


I’ve never warmed to the idea of doing a triathlon. It has a lot to do with the uncomfortably early morning starts, daunting claustrophobic swims, confusing transitions, risky cycling conditions and the torturous run…and don’t forget the skin tight, butt-pad unitard that obliterates all sense of self esteem.

Sydney Striders - Homebush - FEB 2016

First run for Sydney Striders for 2016 is at Homebush, Olympic Park. This is a very close race to home but I've decided not to participate in this event due to "being soft", as some say, honest truth is that my legs were just too tired from a big week of running and I have plans to do some mountain bike training. Instead of going out and smashing myself for 10Km, I did the photo duty for the day, here are some of the photos from the run.

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