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Finish Line Easy-Pro Bush Set Review

Cleaning your bicycle can be harder than cleaning your car as bicycles have a lot more hard to reach places and are full of exposed cogs, chain and spokes. For cars you just use a sponge, hose and a bucket and you are set. I have been using the bucket and sponge for a long time, while this can get the job done, it can be time consuming if you are pedantic about the job done, wanting every available space cleaned!

How to Replace Shimano Pressfit Bottom Bracket

In this how to I will be showing you how to replace your Pressfit Bottom Bracket. This method can be used on most of the pressfit from Shimano to BB30. Please note that this is not the recommend method from Shimano or any manufacturer in a sense, it's more of a home mechanic style so please take care when working and again I can't be liable for any of your damages. I could have taken this to the bike shop and get it done but what fun would that be and then I won't be publishing this post for you to read.

Ironman Western Sydney 70.3 - 2014

Ironman Western Sydney 70.3 is a brand new course for 2014. Since this is the one and only 70.3 Ironman in Sydney, I signed up for it. All the other Ironman are hosted on other stats or at least 4 hour drive from Sydney. At the time that I signed up for it, I have never raced any Ironman before and the longest triathlon that I have done is an Olympic distance

Bicycle Chain Lube Review - Finishline - White Lighting - Morgan Blue

In this review we will be looking at all the bike lube products that I have used, from wet lube, dry lube to wax based. All the lube reviewed here have been tested extensively over many months of use, in all conditions from sunshine to thunderstorms, off road and on road. This is mostly my personal opinion, I don't have any scientific tests to back up my claims, but I can certainly say that if I had done a lab test it would only back my claims.

How To Build Your Own Time Trial Bike

This how to will give you an idea about building your own Time Trial bike from scratch. I have started my blog post following my thought process from selecting the frame, components and the process of ordering a Chinese carbon frame. You can start reading from the beginning here or jump straight in if you are keen to see the build process of this TT bike.

How To Install Replace a New Chain

In this How-To we will look at how to replace or install a new chain on your bicycle in a few simple steps. This How-To can be used on all kinds of bicycles, road bikes, mountain bikes etc. Before you start to replace your chain, first you should check if you actually need to replace it, I have already written a tip on how to check your chain ware here but if you want to be sure you should get yourself a chain checker tool.


Triathlon NSW Club Championships - Forster

Triathlon NSW Club Championships for 2014 was held in Forster. This is one of the biggest triathlon events in NSW, this event is unique in that athletes compete for their Club rather than as an individual. For this year, it was my first time to represent Warringah Triathlon Club. Warraingah is the defending champ with nearly less than half the number of athletes competing for the club than they had in 2013. I went in to the competition with the intention of making an impact for the club win.


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