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Part 1: Time Trial Bike Build - Frame ordering

I started to contact the Taiwanese manufacturers, asking for quotes on the bike frame back in November 2013. Deng fu was my choice of manufacturer and they did offer me the lowest price. The quote was in USD and at the time the Australian dollar was about the same as US so $1100 for frame, fork, seat post, stem and TT bars was a very good deal. I didn't end up ordering and paying until about the end of November and by that time AUD was at 93 cents to 1 USD, which wasn't too bad but the thing that I didn't expect to come as a cost was the 4.3% paypal fee. 

I want to build my own bike


New bike, those two words put together just sound exciting and fun. In 2013 I was in the market for a new bike. To be honest, I wanted two new bikes, one for riding to and from work and a proper time trial bike for my triathlon races.

After shopping around for a while I wasn't really happy with any of the bikes on the market for sale. No one offered exactly what I wanted. Some bikes would have the right brakes but I would not like the manufacturer's choice of derailleur or the crankset or the colour choice. 

How to replace hydraulic disc brake pads

In this guide I will be working on the Shimano Deore M596. This guide can be used for most hydraulic pad replacement. They all share the same principle of two moving pistons, pushing on the pads with a spring sandwich in between the pads to push them out as you release the leaver. In face the pistons themselves move back as you release the brake leaver, the springs in between the pads are there just to make sure that the pads stay in the correct place.

What you will need to perform this pad replacement


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