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Waterfall walk at Willi Willi National Park

Continuing on from the Botanic Walk, the Waterfall track offers more breath-taking beauty that nourishes the work-worn soul. Initially, about 3 km return track is well maintained, if only to keep walkers off precious, tiny plants and keep one from venturing too far, but it quickly disintegrates into a typical bush track weaving in among the plant life.

PRO Falcon Carbon Saddle Review

The brand PRO may be very confusing or some who have never heard of it. PRO is a brand of bike components produced by Shimano. When I say confusing, try searching “PRO saddle”, “PRO handlebar tape” you will just get random results displaying images or articles about professional cyclists, not the products you are looking for at all.

Met Rivale Helmet Review

I was in the market for a new helmet to replace my cheap, old one with ripped padding. The current trend of helmets are all leaning towards aerodynamic advantages, every manufacturer offers an “Aero Lid”.  The new helmets that I had shortlisted all contained some form of the newly advertised aerodynamic advantages.

Finish Line Easy-Pro Bush Set Review

Cleaning your bicycle can be harder than cleaning your car as bicycles have a lot more hard to reach places and are full of exposed cogs, chain and spokes. For cars you just use a sponge, hose and a bucket and you are set. I have been using the bucket and sponge for a long time, while this can get the job done, it can be time consuming if you are pedantic about the job done, wanting every available space cleaned!

Bicycle Chain Lube Review - Finishline - White Lighting - Morgan Blue

In this review we will be looking at all the bike lube products that I have used, from wet lube, dry lube to wax based. All the lube reviewed here have been tested extensively over many months of use, in all conditions from sunshine to thunderstorms, off road and on road. This is mostly my personal opinion, I don't have any scientific tests to back up my claims, but I can certainly say that if I had done a lab test it would only back my claims.


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