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brake pads

Keep your hydraulic disc pads separated with a coin

When the wheel is removed from your bike your rotor is removed from the brake caliper, laving an empty gap between your brake pads. If you were to accidently press your brake lever, your pads comes together and stay stuck. Some of us mountain bike riders would have experienced this before.

Normally when you buy your bike it should come with the pad spacer, a thin plastic thing to keep your pads apart when the rotor is not in place. Maybe it did came with your bike but you have lost it or when you first got it you didn't know what it was for.

How to replace hydraulic disc brake pads

In this guide I will be working on the Shimano Deore M596. This guide can be used for most hydraulic pad replacement. They all share the same principle of two moving pistons, pushing on the pads with a spring sandwich in between the pads to push them out as you release the leaver. In face the pistons themselves move back as you release the brake leaver, the springs in between the pads are there just to make sure that the pads stay in the correct place.

What you will need to perform this pad replacement

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