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How to Convert to a 1 x Drivetrain

What is a 1 x drivetrain and why should you do it?

A 1x drivetrain can be 1x9, 1x10 or 1x11. The number in front of the `x` is the number of your front cogs attached to your cranks, in this case 1 meaning that you only have 1 chainring attached to your cranks. The number after the `x` is the number of cogs on your rear wheel, the latest tech is at 11 cogs, for example 1x10 is a system that consits of one chainring and 10 cogs on your cassette.

How To Install Replace a New Chain

In this How-To we will look at how to replace or install a new chain on your bicycle in a few simple steps. This How-To can be used on all kinds of bicycles, road bikes, mountain bikes etc. Before you start to replace your chain, first you should check if you actually need to replace it, I have already written a tip on how to check your chain ware here but if you want to be sure you should get yourself a chain checker tool.


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