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Time Trial

Warringah Triathlon Club - North Head Triathlon

On a clear Sunday morning I took part in the North Head Triathlon, organised by Warringah Triathlon Club (WTC). This was the first time that I took my new bike out on a race. The bike has been on many trial runs since it was completed but it needs to be put in a race situation to see how it handles and performs under some hard riding.

Part 1: Time Trial Bike Build - Frame ordering

I started to contact the Taiwanese manufacturers, asking for quotes on the bike frame back in November 2013. Deng fu was my choice of manufacturer and they did offer me the lowest price. The quote was in USD and at the time the Australian dollar was about the same as US so $1100 for frame, fork, seat post, stem and TT bars was a very good deal. I didn't end up ordering and paying until about the end of November and by that time AUD was at 93 cents to 1 USD, which wasn't too bad but the thing that I didn't expect to come as a cost was the 4.3% paypal fee. 

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