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I’ve never warmed to the idea of doing a triathlon. It has a lot to do with the uncomfortably early morning starts, daunting claustrophobic swims, confusing transitions, risky cycling conditions and the torturous run…and don’t forget the skin tight, butt-pad unitard that obliterates all sense of self esteem.

Ironman Western Sydney 70.3 - 2014

Ironman Western Sydney 70.3 is a brand new course for 2014. Since this is the one and only 70.3 Ironman in Sydney, I signed up for it. All the other Ironman are hosted on other stats or at least 4 hour drive from Sydney. At the time that I signed up for it, I have never raced any Ironman before and the longest triathlon that I have done is an Olympic distance

Triathlon NSW Club Championships - Forster

Triathlon NSW Club Championships for 2014 was held in Forster. This is one of the biggest triathlon events in NSW, this event is unique in that athletes compete for their Club rather than as an individual. For this year, it was my first time to represent Warringah Triathlon Club. Warraingah is the defending champ with nearly less than half the number of athletes competing for the club than they had in 2013. I went in to the competition with the intention of making an impact for the club win.

Warringah Triathlon Club - North Head Triathlon

On a clear Sunday morning I took part in the North Head Triathlon, organised by Warringah Triathlon Club (WTC). This was the first time that I took my new bike out on a race. The bike has been on many trial runs since it was completed but it needs to be put in a race situation to see how it handles and performs under some hard riding.

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